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What is loads’ insurance?

Loads’ insurance is a thorough and effective guaranty on transported goods which are carried in any means of transport anywhere in the world.

The object of insurance is real interests related to any kind of load which has to be insured by the insurer in his or other person’s favour by pursuing commercial principles.

We insure against:

Option A – insurance against all possible dangers for the load and general accident issues during the period of insurance.

Option B – insurance against main risks: damage or destruction of the load due to outer forces:

  • when the ship by which the load is being carried hits the bottom or stops on a ledge, turns over, sinks, is shipwrecked, hits other ships or objects, or is damaged by ice;
  • when other means of transport experience an accident;
  • when the storehouse falls down;
  • due to natural disasters; if the flying apparatus falls down or hits other objects;
  • when the load is thrown overboard or washed into the water due to the storm;
  • when the load is sacrificed in order to save the whole ship;
  • when the load is unloaded, then stocked temporarily and loaded in another port, to which it came because of the insured danger.

Besides, the insurer compensates loss if:

  • if the load unit is completely lost, except cases due to damage or disappearance (e.g. after a theft, concealment, non-issuance or wrong issuance);
  • if the load unit is completely lost due to damage caused by an accident on loading or unloading the transporting vehicle.

Period of insurance:

  • Insurance coverage is valid from the moment when insured loads are taken away from the place they had been kept previously;
  • Insurance coverage is no more valid as soon as loads are delivered and unloaded in an appointed place, indicated in the insurance agreement, including intermediate storage.

Having insured your loads:

  • You will avoid possible financial losses; In case of any harm you will avoid arguments with business partners and transporters; You will control your business expenses.

Loads’ agreements:

  • It is possible to get a onetime or yearly arrangement for your loads. Onetime loads’ agreement is recommended to be chosen when your loads are not transported very often.
  • Yearly loads’ agreement is recommended to be chosen for companies which constantly transport loads, trade and market. According to this agreement loads are insured from/to any place of dispatch/reception y any transport, including unloading, loading and intermediate storage during the whole period of insurance. In the demand of an insured the insurer may issue insurance certificate for certain transportation. Yearly agreement is cheaper to administer.
  • You are not obliged to inform the insuring company about your load every time you transport it.

We provide our services in insurance companies UADB “Ergo Lietuva”, UAB DK “PZU Lietuva” , AB “Lietuvos draudimas”.


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